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I'm currently in my second year as a student midwife, am a Childbirth and Postpartum Doula, have written and illustrated two children's books and a novel, am a Mum to two beautiful children, and a wife to a local professor. I've had a pretty circuitous route to get to where I am, though!
I was born and raised in the UK. My grandfathers were doctors and my parents are doctors; my sisters both went into nursing. I was quite sure I never wanted to get into the medical profession! I studied pure mathematics for my undergraduate degree, completed a master's degree in statistics and computer science and then qualified as a teacher. I taught math(s) and IT to 11-18 year old students for a few years and designed educational software, before moving to Texas in 2009. I studied for a second master's degree, this time in geophysics, and then worked in research in the oil and gas industry for 3 years. During my time in the US, I gave birth to my children, and it was these life-changing experiences that led me to move into the birth world...
Jen Gabler,
Born to Birth
My birth stories

My pregnancies have both been under an OB in Houston. I was fortunate in that both were uncomplicated, though my son was posterior (the back of his head was against my spine) throughout my pregnancy and labor, and my daughter flipped from head down to transverse at 37 weeks. My son didn't correct his position, but a doctor managed to rotate my daughter with an External Cephalic Version. So, I had two easy pregnancies, and felt comfortable, even beyond my 'due dates'. However, my labors were very different from one another.
My son was born in a Houston hospital. I had labored at home through the night and was at 7-8cm when we arrived. Unfortunately, I was then put flat on my back, wasn't allowed to eat or drink, and hence stalled at
​​8cm for 6 hours. My waters were ruptured, pitocin was started and I was given an epidural. During pushing, I was convinced by the faces of those around me and the fact that I'd been given an oxygen mask that something was wrong, but I was so scared that my son might be in real trouble that I didn't dare stop breathing the oxygen for long enough to ask what was happening. After a total of 27 hours of labor, my son was born. He was perfectly healthy, but was taken away, screaming, for weighing and measuring. Meanwhile, I was numb, both physically and emotionally, and the latter took a long time to get over.
My daughter was born in my childhood home, in water, under the care of a midwife. Again, I had labored in bed through part of the night, but this time my son was with me, as well as my husband. At 21 months, my dear little boy could tell in his sleep that his Mummy was in pain, and he stroked my face through my contractions. At 3am, I got up and went downstairs (while my parents stayed with my son), and the midwife arrived shortly afterwards. My husband and sister were with me throughout my active labor, and my midwife trusted my body to do what it was built for. I felt safe. I felt loved. I felt respected. The birth was utterly beautiful. The few seconds it took for her body to be born were the most magical moments of my life, bar none. 
For me, my second delivery was perfect, but it wasn't just the setting that made it what it was (though the water was glorious!). Having a provider who respected and trusted my body was key, and having my sister there - a sister who had been through so much more with her childbearing than I have, and who radiated calmness and the strength we gain from these experiences. My husband was present at both births, but even that was different second time around. At the first, he'd been threatened with being thrown out when he tried to enforce a decision I'd made. I needed him there, and so backed down and let the doctors do what they wanted to. At my second birth, there was no conflict, and he could be the birthing partner he wanted to be. 
​As a Doula, I can now see so many ways in which having had one at my first delivery might have changed things. She could have advocated for me so that my husband didn't have to, allowing him to remain by my side, where I needed him. She could have calmed me when my stress, fear and contractions overwhelmed me. She could have encouraged me when I felt like I was failing. She could have got me up off the bed, trying different positions, so that my posterior baby's head wasn't being forced into my spine. She could have massaged me through my back labor. She could have stayed with me while my son was being checked, affirming that I had done a great job and that my myriad feelings were normal. Three days later, home alone, she could have helped my husband and I figure out how tightly a diaper should be put on. She could have helped me with my breastfeeding, as I struggled with incredibly painful nipples.
But, yet, I don't regret any parts of my birth stories. If I'd not had them, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now. I wouldn't feel quite as passionate about helping women recognize and achieve the births they deserve... the births they were born to have.
My books

I've currently written and published three books, and am working on a fourth.
My novel, 'Origins of Life' is a great read, but may not be well-suited to a pregnant woman, especially if you have insomnia, as you won't want to put it down! The tale begins with a young Royal Air Force Flight Lieutenant, Charlie, who works at a Radar Station in the heart of Yorkshire, England, as she spots a bright light in the night's sky - a light she immediately knows should not be there. As the book unravels, Charlie and her friends solve many complicated puzzles, and discover exactly what that light was, what it was doing there, and where it came from, and the answers are far from what they expected. The story is also one of self-protection and of morality, of fear and of strength, of love and of loss, and it ends, just as it began, with a bright light in the night's sky.
The paperback verion is $14.99
The Kindle version is $2.99
If you have Kindle Unlimited, it's free!
'Vinny the Vaquita'  is the story of a critically endangered species of porpoise - the smallest of all of the whales. Like all Vaquitas, Vinny lives in the Gulf of California, but he suddenly finds himself all alone, and nervously but bravely goes off to search for more members of his species. As he was about to give up, Vinny finds a friendly Right Whale, who recruits other whales to join in the search. Eventually, the remaining Vaquitas are found, caught in a fishing net. This time, they're lucky and, with the hep of many different whales, they're safely freed, but they then tell Vinny how vitally important it is that people learn how they can help save Vaquitas and protect the ocean in general. With new-found confidence, Vinny paddled to shore and passed his message along to the young Sander - my son, and co-author of the book - and we share this story with you now. Will you help Vaquitas live?                     Listen to a podcast by Wild Lens about the book here .
​The hardback version is $18.99
The paperback verion is $7.99
The Kindle version is $2.99
If you have Kindle Unlimited, it's free!

The Spanish paperback is $7.99
'Mommy's Milk is Made of Love'  is a beautiful look at the journey of natural term (sometimes called 'extended') breastfeeding. It begins with the baby still in the mother's womb, then shows as he (or she - gender is deliberately left ambiguous throughout) has his very first feed, as he takes his first bottle of pumped milk, smiles for the first time, enjoys playing at 'gymnurstics', uses his mother's milk to comfort himself, and even glimpses ahead to a time when the child will move on from drinking his mother's milk. It ends with these touching words:

That day's not here yet, though, sweet child, so come and rest on Mommy's lap.
Drink on until your tummy's full up, and dream of milk time while you nap.
As you cuddle up to breastfeed, with Daddy looking from above,
We know you're growing ever sweeter, for Mommy's milk is made of love.

​The paperback version is $9.99
My etsy shop

I have a small etsy shop , where I create custom graphics for everything from cake toppers to wall decals, and edit photographs in very special ways. All digital rights to these images are completely released to you to change in any way you please. Take a look to see what I have available. If there's anything else you would be interested in that you think I might be able to design and make, just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do!

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